Funeral, Memorial and Celebration Of Life Ceremonies

At All Life's Blessings we provide funeral/memorial services to families with no particular church affiliations. Our services range from semi-religious to highly spiritual in nature, dedicated to families that no longer require the traditional church observance rituals. Let us lead a service filled with meaningful prayer, compassion and relevant words.

I will create a lovely ceremony honouring your loved one. Planning the funeral / celebration of life is a time to focus on celebrating the life of your loved one and how that person touched lives along the way. Together we will craft a personal ceremony that will uniquely portray, honour and celebrate their ‘Life Story’.


Ceremonies can be uniquely personalized. Celebration of life ceremonies are an alternative to the traditional funeral service. The ceremony is often delayed for the convenience or needs of the family. They include many elements of a funeral: eulogies, music, prayers, readings, poetry or other prose and symbolic elements to honour the life of the deceased.


A celebration of life is increasingly popular, a time for friends and family to come together to share and remember the life of the deceased in a positive way. Bringing loved ones together to share, celebrate, honour, and remember the deceased, provides loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye. A funeral memorial provides a way to include ritual in our lifes and lives of our families.


Today, many families do not belong to a church. They have no family minister. Many families are choosing to have a celebration of the life with a Celebrant that will honour the wishes of the family and is able to do either a religious or non-religious service. Acting very much like a Master of Ceremony for the family. The family can have a service just the way they would like and be involved as much or as little as they like. This is truly their service.


It is most helpful to schedule an interview with you and your family members. During the interview, many questions are asked, and the answers given begin to paint a picture of your loved one.  As family and friends continue to share their memories, stories, and talk about the impact the deceased had on them and their community, the uniqueness of that loved one is captured.


Whether the deceased honouree is religious, secular, interfaith or simply unaffiliated with a particular religion, I will create and preside over a highly personalized, dignified, and memorable service.


Discovering what was important in the life of the deceased is often revealed through their favourite songs, poems, readings, or other literature, as well as their hobbies and other life skills and endeavors.  After the family interview, what was shared forms the basis of their Life Tribute and informs their uniquely personalized service.


The family is assured the final approval of the ceremony prior to the service.


As your Celebrant I will:

  • - Meet with you to learn about your loved one through your stories.
  • - Gather stories that reflect the spirit and character of the deceased,
  • - Learn of their favourite songs, literature, and poetry,
  • - Create a custom service or eulogy (if required) that has been approved by you,
  • - Include meaningful rituals that reflects the honouree’s faith or life philosophy,
  • - Deliver a beautiful service, officiated professionally, with warmth and dignity.

As an Independent Celebrant, I am not bound by any rules, regulations or quotas to meet as some Celebrants who are employees of officiant services or funeral homes. You are not just a number or another transaction to me. It’s personal, it’s important and it is an honour to have known your loved one through you.


Rev. Daniel Johnson